With COVID-19 community infections still on-going in Cambodia as of today, and even if Siem Reap is relatively not as affected as other  provinces, we wanted to re-assure you that the health of our Team members and of our guests stays paramount.

As of today, International Tourism is still not permitted so this note is mostly aimed at Cambodia residents. With only 13 Suites and large outdoor areas, Mulberry Hotel indeed benefits of a property layout ensuring social distancing and comfort. You will find below all details that you might want to know about the additional measures we are taking to ensure you the safest Siem Reap journey:

For anyone entering the property:

  • Government QR Code scanning foe anyone entering the property
  • Temperature checks for anyone entering our property, as well as a rigorous hand sanitizing
  • All of our foreign Hotel guests are registered using the FPCS Government mobile app
  • All Team members wear reusable Mulberry Essentials masks the whole time, they are requested to check-in everyday on the QR Code Scanning app.

At the Lobby, the Pool Bar and the Mulberry Restaurant:

  • Social Distancing marked floor
  • All areas are completely sanitized every 2 times per day, in addition to after anyone using/staying in the areas
  • Mulberry Essentials Hand Sanitizers are available in all areas, as well as Organic Mosquito Repellent
  • Our staff has been trained, the layout has been re-thought to ensure keeping a safe distance with our guests in public areas

At Mieda Spa:

We understand that you prefer to take your complimentary therapy as an in-room service. However, we believe that a proper Spa experience is enhanced with the right facilities. This is why we took the following dispositions:

  • All facilities at Mieda Spa are sanitized 2 times per day (Massage tables, counter, oil bottles, furnitures etc) as well as before and after any therapy/treatment
  • Our therapists are wearing masks for any treatment. They are available on request for any guest.
  • It is recommended to take a shower just before any therapy, in your room or at the Spa, following your preference.

In the Restaurant Kitchen:

  • All suppliers entering the property are temperature checked and QR Code scanned
  • All Kitchen Equipment and area is sanitized 2 times per day, in addition with the throughout cleaning after any use
  • Kitchen cleaning procedures and Hygiene standards are reinforced, as well as additional controls for food conservation

In your room:

  • All rooms and public areas floors are polished weekly by the Housekeeping with an organic anti-bacterial substance
  • Normal checkout time stands at 12:00pm. In the case your room was occupied the morning of your check-in day, check-in time is postponed at 3:00pm to allow our Team members the necessary time to sanitize your room before entering it.
  • Housekeeping staff is following rigorously cleaning and hygiene procedures and are wearing masks, gloves while doing so. Turndown service staff and any Team member entering your room are following the same procedures.
  • Hand Sanitizers and Organic Mosquito Repellent are free to use in your room and will be refilled daily.
  • Housekeeping staff is following the procedure concerning bed linen and towels cleaning as per your bathroom card.
  • Air conditioning is checked and cleaned thoroughly before room check-in and after room checkout.

Our top priority stays to accommodate our guests in the smoothest and safest way possible, We look forward to the pleasure to welcome you very soon in our beautiful Temple Town.

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Sincerely yours,

The Mulberry Team